The Fairless Hills YMCA is on track to reopen next spring.

YMCA Bucks President and CEO Zane Moore made the announcement on WBCB’s UpWords with Chris Ermer. Moore said the branch’s grand opening is expected for mid-March.

“I can’t wait to unveil this to the community,” said Moore. “It’s completely different. It’s brand new. It’s unrecognizable on the inside. The spaces are gorgeous, it’s airy, it’s bright. I can’t say enough.”

The new section of the Fairless Hills YMCA branch in mid-December 2021. Part of the old building remains on the backside. Photo by Rick Rickman.

On the upgrade list are the pool, fitness center, and locker rooms. There will also be new areas for child watch, conference spaces, and overall wellness for more than 6,000 members.

“We’re very excited about this,” said Moore. “This is one of the boldest steps in my eleven years here, I think, that we’ve made into trying to address the needs that have arisen in our communities during the pandemic.”

Moore first announced the plans for a completely new building back in October 2019. Crews gutted the old structure on South Oxford Valley Road over several months before a virtual groundbreaking ceremony this past February.

The new building will take up approximately 40,000 square feet, which is smaller than the old location. However, with less hallways and hidden pathways YMCA expects the branch to have more functional space.

Original plans had the new branch covering 48,000 square feet, but added costs forced them to scale back. It will no longer include a dedicated childcare center.