YMCA Bucks Beginning Renovations Before 2020

The new YMCA Fairless Hills branch plan. Image via YMCA Bucks.

YMCA Bucks announced it will begin to move forward with renovations to two branches as soon as this November. This large project will include a complete overhaul of the Fairless Hills branch and an update for Doylestown as well.

YMCA Bucks Zane Moore
YMCA Bucks CEO Zane Moore speaks Wednesday. (Sitting, from left) County Commissioner Diane Marseglia, County Commissioner Chairman Rob Loughery, Clerk of Courts Mary Smithson. Photo by Rick Rickman.

“We’re basically gutting it and refacing it,” YMCA Bucks CEO Zane Moore said of YMCA Fairless Hills. “This building is a lot of hallways so it will look and feel brand new.”

YMCA Bucks originally looked to move the Fairless Hills branch. But after a reevaluation and feedback from the community, they decided to stay on S. Oxford Valley Road.

Moore also said the new building will take up less space, but feel bigger. The current Fairless Hills location is 60,000 square feet, while the new space will be 48,000 sq. ft. While smaller overall, the current location is functionally using even less space because of winding hallways.

The Fairless Hills YMCA Branch. Photo by Wes Champlin.

Renovations to Doylestown will begin in November, while the Fairless Hills update will likely begin in Spring 2020.

County Commissioner Diane Ellis-Marseglia spoke, saying the Fairless Hills branch is close to her heart. Her family used it during her childhood, then she brought her daughters in the 1990s to learn how to swim.

“In 1960, there’s two things I know happened. The first was ‘the Y’ was built, the second was I was born. I feel like I have grown up witch the Y, and just as I could use some retrofitting, it’s appropriate the Y needs some retrofitting.”

Bucks County will also providing $20 million in tax-free financing to help the construction project. County Commissioner Chairman Rob Loughery said this will help the YMCA achieve its goal of serving the Bucks community.

“It will be able to help this ‘Y’ to make new investments, to provide a great opportunity for families to come exercise, enjoy each other, have camaraderie, social fellowship, and that’s what we want to make happen. I know that will happen here.”

Moore stated each project will take up to two years to complete.

County officials join YMCA Bucks board members.