Yardley Boro is closer now than ever before to banning large trucks on Main Street. State Rep. Perry Warren announced Tuesday the traffic signs prohibiting tractor trailers from making turns onto the main drag at specific intersections have arrived.

“The goal is to get them up as soon as possible, obviously,” Mayor Chris Harding said. “With some of the other things going on in the borough through the Green Light Go grant, we need to make sure¬† that those hurdles are conquered before we put up signs up affecting any traffic or timing of signals.”

Signs for Yardley’s intersections. Photo via Facebook.

Thanks to a petition with more than 1,400 signatures on Warren’s website, PennDOT conducted a truck traffic study to make recommendations. They concluded turning restrictions would prevent large trucks from turning onto the road cutting through Yardley Boro.

“Representative Warren did a great job leading the cause here,” Harding said. “The higher up the ladder we go, the better results we have. He was integral in getting this done and we appreciate that.¬†These signs along with the great work our police department is already doing already in terms of traffic calming and safety should help the situation.”

Importantly, Harding noted this is one step forward in the process, but does not ban trucks from driving on the road. Instead, it provides restrictions at key intersections preventing them from turning onto Main Street. The aim is to curtail truck drivers from using Yardley as their main route.

“This is a win,” Harding said. “This challenge is going to be solved with a lot of little pieces and not one fell swoop. This is a good little piece.”

If successful, this should reduce overall truck traffic through Yardley and Lower Makefield. PennDOT will do more research on the situation after the North Main Street sidewalk project is complete.