Yardley Mayor Splits Ticket To Win Re-Election In Blue Borough

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (Right) speaks with Yardley Mayor Chris Harding at the WBCB 1490 studio. Both Republicans split their tickets in their respective recent elections to secure re-election.

Mayor Chris Harding, a Republican, has has soundly won another term in deeply blue Yardley Borough.

Harding beat Democratic challenger David Appelbaum by more than 13 points to split the local ticket and get four more years. Appelbaum received 488 votes to Harding’s 641, according to unofficial results.

“I am excited and humbled by the support Yardley showed to me last evening,” Harding told WBCB. “I did not do this alone. There was a team behind me, of people that helped me and supported me. To the voters who voted for me, thank you. And to the voters who did not vote for me, I look forward to trying to earn your support and your confidence over the next four years.”

This means Harding will get a third term in office.

Meantime, Council President David Bria, Vice President Caroline Thompson, and Council member Matt Ross have also been re-elected. All three are democrats.

A fourth democrat Michael Schummer won a council seat as well. Together, the four defeated the lone Republican candidate Earl Markey and Independent/Republican Dawn Perlmutter.

The only other Republican to win was constable Bradford Varney who ran unopposed.

“We will bring Yardley Borough together and continue with the great progress we’ve been making,” said Harding. “We’ve got a talented Council, a great borough staff, and a top notch police department. Together we can make great things in Yardley’s future.”