Yardley Borough Accepting Council Seat Applications

Pat McGovern, left, and former Councilwoman Sandi Brady. Brady's seat is vacant, while action regarding McGovern's seat is pending.

Yardley Borough is trying to move forward after a dramatic situation resulted in one councilwoman resigning and another candidate-elect deciding to not take his seat.

A burner Facebook account with racist and sexist posts brought tensions to a boil and re-lit feelings of a “toxic, bullying culture.”

Mayor Chris Harding says Council has decided to begin the process of finding a new member for one of the seats.

“Council is now accepting applications for that seat,” Harding said on WBCB’s Yardley Borough on Air Tuesday. “I believe what they are going to do is interview all applicants before the end of the year and choose a new person.”

The application form is available online on the Yardley Boro website. Applicants must be Yardley residents and be at least 18 years old.

Meanwhile, the other seat will not be available until January. At the turn of the new year, the other two candidate-elects will take their seats with the third open.