As most leaves have already fallen, it’s time for people to rake up or sit down. Last call for Middletown leaf and yard waste collection is tomorrow, November 28th.

Yard waste sitting on the curb.
Yard waste sitting on the curb.

In case someone misses the deadline, they can still put out their yard waste in the trash from now through next March. Residents may place five bags, bundles, or bins of leaves and sticks out on the curb on trash days included in the 10 container limit.

People celebrating Christmas should not fret either as the township will be collecting discarded trees Wednesdays throughout January.

Other municipalities are ending their operations soon as well. Bensalem residents should check with their private yard waste collectors.

For all townships, no plastic bags are allowed. Waste must be placed in either biodegradable paper bags or in open containers.

Bristol Borough:

Thursday, December 6th is the last day for collection, ending the six weeks of operations beginning in November. Containers and bundles must not exceed 50 lbs, while branches and sticks cannot extend past four feet

Bristol Township:

Friday, December 14th is the last day for collection. Branches should be bundled with string or twine. Again, branches must not be longer than four feet.

Falls Township:

Saturday, December 15th is the last day Falls Township residents can put out their yard waste for collection, but it must be out before 6 a.m. or the night before. Waste Management will come around on December 1st and the 15th to collect branches and leaves. Any waste must be placed in either 30 gallon paper bags or 30 gallon open containers.


The last date for collection is December 5th. Anyone with questions about details can contact the Borough at 215-757-6531.

Lower Southampton:

December 14th is last call for Lower Southampton Township residents this winter. The municipality requires branches be less than three feet long and either bundled or placed into biodegradable bags. The 30 gallon bags or open containers must not exceed 50 lbs, and shrubs cannot extend past the tops.