Some of WBCB’s finest furry friends found their forever homes this weekend, after a free adoption event hosted by the Women’s Humane Society in Bensalem.

According to the shelter’s Director of Development & Marketing, Gwen Kaminski, summer is typically a slow time for animal adoptions. Events like this and ones similar to it are an attempt by the shelter to reverse that trend.

Jada is a ham for the camera. Photo by Hugh Fegely.

Each of the events, so far, has been a resounding success, with almost record numbers of animals going to loving homes just this past weekend.

“The only other time it’s in such high attendance is during the NBC 10 Clear the Shelter event, which gets a national push from NBC,” said Director of Shelter Services, Jack Griffin.

“That NBC 10 event was 52 [adoptions]. So, we did 46 and it’s the second highest in our history.”

WBCB regulars like Engine, a 9-year-old pit bull, and 4-year-old German Shepard, Ares, were among those adopted at the event.

Ham for the camera, Jada, still remains available for adoption.

WBCB’s Brianna Williams contributed to this report.