Adoptions are free tomorrow at the Bensalem Women’s Humane Society, located at 3839 Richlieu Road in Bensalem, thanks to the Dolls 4 Paws event, being held from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Jada is a ham for the camera. Photo by Hugh Fegely.

Anyone interested in having a new companion will not have a better chance to bring them home to a new forever home. There’s a chance attendees will be able to meet and adopt WBCB’s featured adoptable pet superstars like Jada, Engine, Ares.

Unfortunately for the animals, summer is a slow time for adoptions. Humane Society Director of Development & Marketing Gwen Kaminski says it largely boils down to people’s apathy.

“During the summers, people are just tuned out,” Kaminski said. “They’re focused on vacation plans, seeing family, and not about adopting pets like they would be during the holidays.”

Engine patiently enjoys the WBCB studio.

Kaminski also says there are misconceptions some people have about the adoption of pets without a fee.

“The old myth was people who adopt animals at free events aren’t serious about the commitment and that’s an outdated way of thinking,” Kaminski explained. “There have been numerous studies following families over recent years proving animals adopted at free events have no higher rate of return, surrender, or abandonment.”

“These events are necessary and the shelters that haven’t caught on yet quickly are because these are life saving events,” Kaminski continued. “They generate this excitement in the community for people to come out.”

Ares struts her stuff.

America’s first animal shelter will also have interactive fun with face painting, free refreshments, and make-up samples. Spaying and neutering, shots, microchips, and flea and tick treatments are all included at the low cost of nothing thanks to the sponsorship of Doll 10 Beauty.

Founded and owned by former Mrs. America Dr. Doris Dalton, Doll 10 Beauty is a Yardley based company bringing cruelty free products to the real women of today’s world. Their selection is parabens, sulfates and phthalates free.