The Penndel Borough Police have arrested a woman for allegedly attacking her Lyft driver for an argument over masks.

Melanie Jackson, 41, requested a driver from the ride share app earlier this month. The vehicle soon arrived at a business on South Bellevue Avenue to pick up Jackson.

When she got into the car, the driver repeatedly asked her to put on a mask, according to police.

Lyft requires riders to wear masks. The CDC issued an order in January 2021 mandating all passengers on public transportation, including ride-shares, to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.

But Jackson allegedly refused and became hostile. She did not get out of the car even after the Lyft driver cancelled the ride. 

Police say the driver got out to open her door for her; that’s when Jackson allegedly sprayed him with mace. 

Authorities have issued a summons to Jackson for a court appearance.