Wistar Road Bridge Opens To Travel

The new Wistar Road Bridge on a sunny Monday morning.

Wistar Road Bridge has officially reopened to all traffic after a five month project to replace the old bridge deck. The newly revealed upgrade has no potholes, metal plates, or cracked sidewalks.

Since February 18, 2019, motorists and commuters had to use S. Oxford Valley Rd and Woodbourne Rd instead of Wistar Road as a cut through. The bridge crosses Mill Creek in Fairless Hills.

Detour and road blockers moved to the side of the road, allowing traffic to pass.

Just down the road from Neil A. Armstrong Middle School, Wistar Road Bridge provides convenient access to many nearby hot spots. Local residents will now have restored access to the Bucks County Technical High School, the Hidden Forest Apartments, and Wawa.

Eastern Highway Specialists, Inc. earned the contract via Bristol Township and poured the new concrete in June. Its grooves will offer increased traction to prevent skidding in wet conditions.

Even visually, the bridge has a much cleaner look than the old, weathered materials. It is composed of large slabs and the sidewalks are also not segmented.

Overall, this project cost just shy of $1.3 million total. Bucks County covered $300,000, while Bristol Township paid the majority.