Wistar Road Bridge from the Eastern side. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Motorists who use Wistar Road Bridge in Bristol Township should be aware it’s closing Monday until this summer.

Construction crews will be completely replacing the concrete deck underneath the bridge after years of disrepair. Bristol Township has awarded Eastern Highway Specialists, Inc. with the contract.

As a result, Wistar Road will be closed between Parkway Drive and South Queen Anne Drive until July 17. An official with the Bristol Township Department of Public Works confirmed the road will stay open to local traffic including the United Methodist Church and Neil A. Armstrong Middle School.

Metal plates cover up holes in need of repair.

While the bridge is safe to cross, as traffic proves everyday, metal plates cover growing holes. At the end of construction, the bridge should be completely repaved and free of holes.

This project will cost about $1.6 million total. The township will contribute a majority of the funds and a $300,000 Redevelopment Authority grant will cover the rest.