The winner of this year’s Teen Driver Video PSA Challenge is William Tennent High School in Warminster for the second straight year.

The competition, sponsored by Comcast, has students from high schools throughout Bucks County create 30 second Public Safety Announcements to raise awareness about the importance of safe driving. 10 schools submitted videos in the hope of taking home the grand prize.

The winning video was selected by teen writers from the Reality staff of the Bucks County Courier Times & The Intelligencer. It shows two girls who grow up together and then cuts to them in the car with one texting while driving and then implies a fatal crash.

Senior students Mina Abdulkareem and Maryna Nazaruk created the film with guidance from their teacher Dina McCaffery, who teaches media production at William Tennent.

When she informs her students about the competition, McCaffery tells them the tragic story of her friend who was killed by a drunk driver when they were only 16.

“There were some really powerful PSAs this year,” said McCaffery. “Distracted driving is something that impacts everyone, and as a parent and a teacher, I hope messages such as the ones conveyed in these PSAs really make a difference.”

Comcast will play the winning PSA and the media department at the winning high school will receive $500.

This is the second year in a row William Tennent High School won the award and the third year since 2015.


The other submissions are on the website of the non-profit organization Transportation Management Association of Bucks County.