Hurricane Florence is set to hit the Coastal Carolinas and parts of Virginia, forcing many in the area to evacuate. So what does this mean for Bucks County?

Given the location of Bucks County in relation to Florence, it’s still too early to tell.

“There is a big question as to how far north some of the outer rain bans from Florence may reach,” Alex Staarmann, a National Weather Service Meterologist, explained.

“It may just push back out to sea and we may receive nothing at all or it may drift farther north and we may end up receiving additional heavy rainfall from the systems.”

Bucks County has seen varying rainfall in recent weeks, and with Florence looming there is a chance more precipitation is on its way. With the storm set to hit the Carolinas on Thursday, Staarmann explains, “Any weather impacts will likely not be until the weekend or perhaps early next week, so that’s the timeframe we’re looking at”.

While winds are a non factor, rain and potential flooding in the Bucks County area are possible. “Flooding will definitely be a possibility given all the excessive rainfall we’ve had over the past few months,” Staarmann explained. “Especially here in the last few days, so flooding would definitely be a concern.”

In the event of possible flooding, Staarmann warns residents to remain aware of rapidly rising waters and to take action to prevent any property damage and protection of life.

“We seriously advise residents if they are driving to remain aware of water flowing across the road and to always turn around if they encounter flowing water on roadways.”

WBCB’s Patrick Flanagan contributed to this report.