Dec. 8, 1957, a Levittown house on 200 Magnolia Drive was brought to life when WBCB 1490 was set to the AM dial. The station endured ownership transitions, a wave of employees through six decades and technologic advances in the 21st century. Discover the journey of a Lower Bucks County fixture through three seamless chapters.

As told on WBCB 1490 AM’s weekday news show Lower Bucks Tonight: 



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Many are amazed to believe Merrill Reese, Voice of the Eagles and part owner of WBCB, was once a bustling reporter on small local stations. Those familiar with the WBCB or Lower Bucks County also enjoy hearing from Pat Deon, Majority Owner, businessman, Chairman of SEPTA/PA Turnpike. The duo work, joke, and interview with such chemistry and ease airing a full, unedited version would be entertaining.

Merrill and Deon recall newsworthy Bucks County stories:


Merrill and Deon discuss notable sports legends once heard over the dial:


Some of the funny stories, genuine memories, and blooper-worthy laughs:


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