After a cancellation thanks to high winds in 2018, reenactors are set to cross the Delaware River on Christmas Day. The spectacle is annual tradition to recreate George Washington’s army traverse the waterway.

In 1776, 2400 troops, 200 horses, and 18 cannons made their way across the river. Now, about 200 enthusiasts partake each year for Washington’s Crossing.

For Tom Maddock, a Historical Interpreter with Washington Crossing Historic Park, it is a time to remember.

“It’s tradition. It’s historic reverence,” said Maddock Monday on Speak Your Piece. “When you watch it, and you see General Washington’s flag floating across the Delaware, you can’t help but feel good as an American. I find it quite moving.”

Frank Lyons, owner of the Continental Tavern, is an Air Force veteran. Lyons is an active reenactor for the crossing. Instead of flying a plane, which would be a little out of place, he plays the role of Colonel John Glover.

Glover was the head of the 14th Continental Regiment, the unit responsible for rowing Washington across the river.

“I was so used to wearing a uniform between the Air Force and [flying for] United Airlines, when I retired I had to go find a way to wear a uniform,” Lyons said. “Now I wear the uniform of a Revolutionary War general.”

Thousands of spectators are expected to attend, many of whom make it an annual event.