After the presents are unwrapped, and the ham/turkey is in the oven a Bucks County tradition awaits you and your family at Washington Crossing Historic Park.

And yes, re-enactors will set sail for the 65th year despite an earlier low water level threat. A group of dedicated history buffs and Revolutionary War re-enactors will converge on the park in Washington Crossing about noon. The full reenactment will be live-streamed on and on WBCB’s Facebook.

Frank Lyons who will portray Col. Glover, the Marblehead, MA businessman and help Gen. Washington get his troops across the Delaware River, explained, more commonly, reenactors are unable to cross due to high water levels, not low levels.

Philadelphia Waterborne, an education project focused on reinforcing core education in the city, is donating six handmade 12-foot rowboats to the Washington Crossing reenactors. Lyons made the announcement live Tuesday during WBCB’s UpWords with Chris Ermer show.

The usual vessel a Durham boat, which weighs about 40 tons and sinks about 18 inches into the water, cannot withstand the reported low levels of the river. While the rowboats will ensure the trips possibility as only 4 to 6 inches of water is needed to sail.

Lyons promised, “It will be one of the most unique crossings.”

WBCB 1490 AM story:


Visitors will see “General George Washington” and his troops gather on the banks of the Delaware River in the state park as they did in 1775. The army of citizen-soldiers with Washington at the helm crossed the river in the dark night to attack the Hessian encampment in Trenton. The victory is considered the “turning point of the American Revolution.”

Pat Wandling talking to Frank Lyons and Tom Maddock

The Christmas event was promoted Monday on WBCB’s Speak Your Piece show. The guests, Lyons, and Tom Maddock, of Yardley, joined Lyons on Speak Your Piece, to talk about the re-enactment and little-known facts of that special mission.

The Crossing has been an annual event in Bucks County that has attracted as many as 20,000 in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It’s exciting, patriotic, free and there is plenty of available parking.

Time note:

The re-enactors will gather and march along the river about 12:30 p.m. in Washington and his troops launched in boats at approximately 1 p.m.

News Director Charlotte Reese contributed to this post.