The Warrington Township Police Department has issued a fireworks warning due to an increased number of complaints.

In a statement released Wednesday, the police stated the course of action they will follow with fireworks complaints.

After a complaint is filed, police officers will arrive on the scene and issue a warning if one of five fireworks restrictions is being violated. The fireworks restrictions prohibit setting off fireworks without the property owner’s permission.

The restrictions also state people cannot light off fireworks from inside a building or motor vehicle or towards a building or vehicle. Fireworks must be lit off at least 150 feet from a structure. The restrictions also prohibit someone from lighting off fireworks while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“We want to educate, our residents, and the public, as well,” Warrington Police Chief, Daniel Friel, said. “We’re just not out to cite them. We want everybody to get the message because not everybody knows what the rules are with that.”

Friel said there has been no reported damage from fireworks in Warrington Township, but the main goal of the fireworks restrictions is to keep residents safe.

WBCB’s Katie Donahue contributed to this post.