The Warrington Police announced the creation of a new Facebook page for the first ever brother and sister pair working together at the department.

K-9 Murphy and K-9 Jolie were both born in May of 2017 and named after canine first responders to the September 11th, 2001 attacks. K-9 Murphy’s namesake was sent to the Staten Island landfill in the aftermath while K-9 Jolie’s searched the Pentagon.

While their forebearers were professional who served careers of honor and service, the new Warrington Police members still have to go through training.

The Penn Vet Working Dog Center raised the siblings to be dual-purpose canines, which are trained to do two of the three possible options of detection, trailing, and apprehension.

Murphy and his handler Officer Plum will go through Patrol School to train in drug detection, a vital skill to have during a crippling opioid epidemic. Jolie and her handler Officer Blanchard will receive training for explosives detection. Both pairs are set to graduate in December of this year.

The Facebook page will be updated with their progress and pictures.