Warminster Drug Ring Members Plead Guilty

Luigi Ortega, 31, and Roberto Espinal, 48. Photos via Crimewatch.

Half a dozen people have pleaded guilty to their involvement in an opioid trafficking ring based out of a home in Warminster. The drug bust in 2018 shocked an otherwise quiet suburban neighborhood.

Bins filled with what is believed to be opioids were found in the home. Photo via Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

It began with a single anonymous tip. But it ended with authorities seizing 130 pounds of opioids, $32,000 in cash, and eleven people in custody.

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub said the operation moved $8 million in heroin and fentanyl each week.

“Whatever you needed if you were in the drug business, you could get it here.”

The crew worked out of the basement of a home on the 600 block of Cheryl Drive. They utilized ten preparation and packaging stations

A look into the setup in the home’s basement. Photo via Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

This week, six of the people responsible for working these stations pleaded guilty. Each must serve three to six years in state prison. Upon release, they will face another five years of probation.

Authorities say two other men were the brains behind the distribution operation.

Dariel Vasquez, 40, pleaded guilty in October 2019 and will spend five to ten years in state prison. The other, Moises Rodriguez, 44, has a trial date scheduled for March.

Authorities received the anonymous tip in July 2018. It was the largest success for the Push Out the Pusher campaign at the time.

The following six people recently pleaded guilty:

  • Roberto Espinal, 48, of Warminster;
  • Luigi Ortega, 31, of Warminster;
  • Carlos Garcia-Perez, 34, of Warminster;
  • Eleni Saturrie, 39, of Philadelphia;
  • Nuris Martinez, 47, of Philadelphia;
  • and Delvin Perez, 38, of Philadelphia.