Walter Miller Elementary Students Join Walk To School Day

Walter Miller Elementary School students walking to school. Photo by Rick Rickman.

People driving to work Friday morning may have noticed a large, roaming pack of children in Cobalt Ridge. But those meandering children were actually taking part in Walk to School Day for Walter Miller Elementary School. And a surprise was waiting for them.

Officer Robison goes over safety rules and ‘”big muscles” at Walter Miller Elementary School. Photo by Rick Rickman.

With help from Middletown Township Police Officer Melissa Robison, the entire group safely made it to school. Robison guided two dozen parents and students walking next to her vehicle with lights flashing and music playing.

“We all got here safe, we walked nicely, and we even danced a little,” Officer Robison said. At every crosswalk, she went over the rules of looking both ways.

At the end of their journey, the students found a stack bike helmets courtesy of the Middletown Community Foundation. Executive Director Paula Kearns and board member Allen Toadvine, Esq. took the walk as well.

Walter Miller Elementary School students grab 55 bike helmets to bring inside.

As for whose idea it was to give them the helmets, Kearns says all credit goes to Officer ‘Missy’ Robison, who is also on the board.

“Missy came to us and told us they have a bike to school program but they couldn’t do it because they didn’t have enough bike helmets that were safe for kids,” Kearns said. “So our board voted to fund $1500 for helmets. We thought we were going to get 30, but she went to Bike King Cycling. Ed Preston ordered us 55 helmets. It’s a great thing.”