Recent social media posts and citizen reports show congressional candidate Scott Wallace and State Representative Tina Davis, both Democrats, busing in out-of-state voters to canvas for their campaigns instead of local volunteers.

As political tensions around the nation heat up less than 72 hours before the biggest midterm election in recent memory, the move shows the candidates are turning up the dials on tactics to get out the vote.

“The bus from New York has arrived!” Davis posted on social media. “Thank you Sister District Project for helping to turn Bucks County blue.”

The organization Davis mentions is a self-proclaimed left-leaning group with the mission to take voters from heavily Democrat party leaning areas and send them to swing districts.

This has drawn the ire of state Senator Tommy Tomlinson’s campaign, who only use local volunteers to campaign. Tomlinson is defending his seat against Davis, who is running for two seats, potentially costing taxpayers if she wins and leaves her state House seat open.

“Voter outreach has been a critical part of our campaign efforts. We have knocked over 80,000 doors from Bensalem to Wrightstown, focused on spreading Tommy’s message of people before politics,” Tomlinson’s Campaign Manager Ryan Skoczylas said. “Our local volunteers have weathered blistering heat and torrential downpours because they know Tommy Tomlinson is the independent voice we need to represent us in Harrisburg.”

Davis also credits Indivisible Baltimore, an anti-Trump organization, for specifically targeting the PA-01 district with out-of-state campaigning. The posts were confirmed when people began calling into Bucks County’s GOP Headquarters in Doylestown complaining of the tactic.

“We’ve gotten many phone calls at Bucks GOP HQ from residents who have seen cars with New York and Maryland license plates dropping off Democrat door-knockers in our neighborhoods,”  Party Chair Pat Poprik said. “One Doylestown-area woman told us that a Democrat knocked on her door late one night last week, not to talk politics, but because her out-of-state ride stranded her!”

When asked for comment, Wallace Campaign Communications Director Zoe Wilson-Meyer commended the use of voters from other states to influence local elections, calling it a “grassroots movement.”

“You know what’s rich? Republican super PACs and out-of-state billionaires pouring more dark money into PA-01 to save Brian Fitzpatrick and smear Scott Wallace than in any other district in America,” Wilson-Meyer said. “Which simply cannot be compared to the grassroots movement around the country working to ensure every American gets the opportunity to have their voice heard in this election.”

But Poprik disagrees and sees the use of out-of-state volunteers to campaign in other people’s elections as a last ditch effort to win the election.

“Scott Wallace must really be getting desperate. The liberal group Swing Left has posted on social media about busing in volunteers from Baltimore to help Scott Wallace,” Poprik said. “Scott has only been out of Maryland for a few months, but he must really miss his old neighbors! We’re proud that our Republican candidates have the support of our community, and our volunteers are out knocking in their own neighborhoods.”