Polling places in Fairless Hills are reporting light voter turnout for Tuesday’s primary elections. While not unsurprising for an off-year election primary, it means each vote will have more weight.

This news organization visited several polling locations in the local area. Many people had the same answer when asked about their priorities for today’s elections.

“School Board,” said Jennifer Lentz, who is a resident of Levittown. “Just to make sure the right people are there to help the kids.”

There are also several other elections on the ballot. The primary for Falls Township Board of Supervisors is underway, along with other councils and boards.

Falls Township Supervisor Jeff Boraski was greeting voters at Oxford Valley Elementary School shortly after 11 a.m. He felt it was important for people to turn out and exercise their rights.

“I think it’s important to come today to just be involved in your community and get out and support the local candidates,” Boraski said. “Realistically it starts here in local government.”

Judy is a Falls Township resident was at Village Park Elementary School and said not many people had come in.

“Unfortunately, not I have been here since the polls opened at 7 o’clock, and I believe we are maybe up to 40 people,” Judy said. “It’s important that every citizen, every tax payer voice their opinion whether it be for which ever party.”

Polls are still open until 8 p.m.