While today is Veteran’s Day, elected officials and local administration workers strive year-round to bring new laws and benefits for military vets.

On a local level, the Bucks County Office of Military Affairs recently moved its location to Doylestown Borough. Though it is now in the Bucks County Administration Building at 55 East Court Street, the office is still run by Military Affairs Director Dan Fraley.

Looking statewide, three laws have been recently put into place aiding veterans and their families, including the 47,000 veterans in Bucks County.

Act 119 of 2018 will bring support services and information to public schools pertaining to when a parent or guardian is deployed for active duty. Act 9 of 2017, while just only a year old, is called the “Stolen Valor Law” and makes it a crime for any person to unlawfully represent the military for financial gain. Finally, Act 149 of 2018 utilizes the registration of vehicles to increase donations to the Veterans Trust Fund.

“The sacrifices these men and women make – all to protect our freedoms and our way of life – can never truly be repaid,” State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo said in a newsletter. “We are forever in their debt, and we continue to be grateful for all they do.”

In addition to these laws, the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is trying to ensure that veterans are receiving access to support services in their area.

In doing so, they have created a registry allowing veterans’ information to be shared with their county director. The director can then point them in the direction of said services, programs, and employment opportunities that might not be so readily available otherwise.