Campaign staff for Republican House representative Brian Fitzpatrick found disparaging signage at their office in the Deon Square Shopping Center in Levittown upon their arrival around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, campaign manager Dave Johnston said.

Photos provided by Johnston show cardboard affixed to the front door and windows of the office with packing tape. Among other imagery, the cardboard had lines drawn on it to mimic a brick wall and had “WALLS R DUMB” scrawled on it with a red marker.

Surveillance footage shows the incident happened around 3 a.m., Johnston said. A report was filed with the Bristol Township Police Department.

The Pat Deon Beverages Facebook page posted pictures taken from security tapes revealing the face of the suspected vandal.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Pat Deon Beverages at (215) 945-6300 or submit the information via Facebook.

“After we got a police report filed, we took it down and started resuming back operations to keep working,” Johnston said. “And we’re going to keep a positive campaign focused on the issues and focused on talking to voters in Bucks County.”

Tuesday’s incident is the latest example of public displays of opposition to Fitzpatrick. Last week, protesters marched through the parking lot and lobby of his office in Middletown to show disapproval of his vote in favor of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, arguing that major corporations are seeing most of the benefits.

Earlier this month, people gathered outside Fitzpatrick’s office in Langhorne opposing federal immigration policy implemented in May, in which the Department of Homeland Security refers all potential illegal immigration cases for criminal prosecution. After visiting a detention center near Texas’ border with Mexico on Saturday, Fitzpatrick said children who’ve been separated from their families should be reunited immediately.

Fitzpatrick is in Washington D.C., but he is aware of Tuesday’s incident, Johnston said. Fitzpatrick hopes that Scott Wallace, who is running against Fitzpatrick to represent the First District, will condemn the actions and ensure it isn’t coming from someone within his camp or support base.

Scott Wallace’s campaign released a statement in response to Johnston’s call for condemnation.

“The Scott Wallace campaign does not condone vandalism of any kind,” said Communications Director Zoe Wilson-Meyer.

“This type of campaign activity and behavior has no place in politics, and it does not reflect the values of Bucks County,” Johnston said.

WBCB’s Evan Easterling contributed to this report.