UWBucks Fundraising For Holiday Gift Card Drive

Gift Cards in a tree. Photo by Aranami.

United Way of Bucks County is stepping its game up to donate to more teens this year as part of its annual Holiday Gift Card Drive. Donors have until Dec. 18 to help UWBucks reach its goal of making the holidays special for at least 1,200 older kids and teens.

Fundraisers like Toys For Tots are incredible for younger kids, with most donations including toys for children. But Legos are not suited for older kids who need holiday cheer as much as anyone else.

To focus on the teens, UWBucks lets them decide with gift cards. Each recipient gets a set amount for a present plus an additional $5 to spend on food with friends.

“For older kids who are not expecting to receive any gifts, a gift card means so much. They are so grateful that our community cares about them. It’s a meaningful and empowering experience for older kids to get a little something for themselves rather than be left out,” explains Danielle Bush, Project Director.

Last year, UWBucks served 1,187 teens with $30 in gift cards total, a surging increase from 987 in 2017. Minimum donations start at $5.

An extraordinary special donation made part of the increase possible. A mysterious individual sent in $750 under the moniker of “Mrs. Claus” and challenged someone to match her donation. A complete stranger, “Santa Claus” quickly responded and matched it.

UW Bucks Director Tim Philpot told WBCB in 2018 about the special cooperation between these philanthropists.

“They feel blessed with what they have and they want to share it with other folks,” Philpot said. “They know we are a trusted partner that can help them reach out and make the impact they want to.”

There are three ways to donate, including donating using the online form here. People can also drop off a gift to 413 Hood Blvd, Fairless Hills, or send a check in the mail to the same address with “Gift Card Drive” in the memo line.

Anyone with questions can reach Project Director Danielle Bush at danielleb@uwbucks.org or 215-949-1660 ext. 112.