The Fitzpatrick campaign has one more endorsement to boast, this time from the United States Chamber of Commerce.

The announcement was made yesterday at the Load Rite Trailers on Lincoln Highway in Fairless Hills, where the sounds of manufacturing filled the air.

Congressman Fitzpatrick speaks to the employees of Load Rite Trailers. Photo by Rick Rickman.

As 80 employees stood in attendance holding Fitzpatrick campaign signs, President of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry Gene Barr said the Congressman fits all the bills.

“He’s making the right decisions and doing it in a bi-partisan manner,” Barr said. “He’s not far-right he’s not far-left. Those kinds of polarizations are killing the country and we have to end them.”

Senior Manager with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Maggie Sheely applauded Fitzpatrick for his role in combating the opioid epidemic with the INTERDICT ACT and using his background as a CPA to understand the financial issues plaguing the federal government.

The Congressman spoke on tax reform and the economy to the eighty employees holding Fitzpatrick signs, an issue the Wallace campaign claims is hurting blue collar workers.

Bill Koelewyn thanks Fitzpatrick for supporting small business. From left: Congressman Fitzpatrick, Maggie Sheely, Bill Koelewyn, Gene Barr. Photo by Rick Rickman.

“Part of that conversation on the issues is establishing who has credibility on each of these topics,” Fitzpatrick told WBCB. “He claims he doesn’t like the new tax code but he’s not willing to show us his tax returns that show people like him were the ones who benefited from the old tax code.

Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce Chairman Bill Koelewyn spoke as well, thanking Fitzpatrick for supporting small businesses. Koelewyn is also the General Manager of 225 Lincoln Properties LP, located next door to Load Rite Trailers, which houses approximately 50 small to medium sized businesses.

Debates between the two candidates are just a month away, with the first taking place Friday, October 19 at Life Sciences Building Auditorium at Delaware Valley University in Doylestown.