“The biggest public service announcement we can make is: please lock your cars, and remove any valuables from your cars at night time,” Lower Makefield Detective Sgt. Brian Omlor said.

The Lower Makefield Police Department has received 55 car theft reports since August 1. And only a “handful” of the 55 cases were break-in cases with broken glass or noticeable signs of forced entry.

Olmor noted the uptick in reports began in early September.

“Generally speaking we get thefts from vehicles various nights of the week it doesn’t really have a consistent rhyme or reason to certain nights.”

For cases as such, Olmor and the Lower Makefield detectives look for any evidence on the scene, like fingerprints or DNA. Detectives also keep track of what was stolen to check local pawn shops or credit card activity in a store with surveillance cameras.

Any chance Olmor, the town watch, and the Lower Makefield department get they like to remind residents to lock their cars.

The car theft cases in Lower Makefield have not dwindled the past few week. One car traveled to Trenton before it was located by police, in this case, the keys were left inside an unlocked vehicle.