WBCB’s Courtney Fegley contributed to this post.

United Way of Bucks County has secured an additional $25,000 for hunger relief to surpass its fundraising goal for Bucks Knocks Out Hunger.

Local couple Simon and Jane Hallett challenged the nonprofit charity to gain 250 more donations in order to unlock their donation of $25,000. United Way exceeded the challenge, gaining 255 donations, securing the Hallett’s donation.

The Hallet’s contribution ultimately helped UW Bucks pass its fundraising goal with a grand total of $133,260. Additionally, an extra $12,000 came from ten more donors Wednesday.

As the county emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, “some families are still struggling financially,” said Director of Health and Financial Stability at United Way of Bucks County, Timothy Philpot. The funds raised “will help to make sure they still have food on their tables while they’re getting back on their feet.”

Philpot and his team not only help supply food to hungry Bucks County residents, but they prioritize serving up healthy, locally grown foods as well.

“Among people who are food insecure there’s a higher incidence of chronic disease,” Philpot said. “It’s really important to us that we’re not only feeding people, but we’re feeding people with healthy food.”

Philpot has been involved in United Way of Bucks County for nearly a decade. Along with addressing local food insecurities, Philpot has been working on the nonprofit’s housing initiatives as well, saying, “It’s really rewarding work, and I’m really grateful to be there.”

United Way of Bucks County works in collaboration with diverse partners in order to achieve their mission of creating access to quality education, a stable home income, and good health for long lasting change in the lives of individuals and their communities.