Uber Driver’s Intuition Leads To Thief’s Arrest, Police Say

Shiykier Davis, 31, and Krista Chadwick, 31.

The perceptive eyes and ears of an Uber driver have resulted in a pair of related arrests, according to the Newtown Township Police.

Police say Shiykier Davis and his girlfriend Krista Chadwick conspired to steal from a vulnerable woman. Both 31-year-olds are now in custody.

On Dec. 29, 2019, Davis called for an Uber ride on Magnolia Drive.

At the time, Davis was a worker at a home health care service serving patients in Newtown. One of the people he served lived on Magnolia Drive.

When Davis got into his Uber, the driver noticed some unusual behavior. The driver later told police Davis was using FaceTime and talking to his “significant other.”

The Uber driver, who’s name has not been made public, reported he saw Davis showing the other person on the phone a Nikon camera. Davis was also showing off some Channel perfume and talking about coins.

Davis told the other person on the phone they were “going to hell for this.”

But Davis likely did not expect his Uber driver to figure out he had allegedly just stolen the Nikon from a home on Magnolia Drive.

Using contact information from the Uber App, police figured out Davis worked for the home health care service in Newtown. They then confirmed Davis had been working at the home on Magnolia Drive.

When investigators visited the victim’s house, she told them about several missing items. She could not find her Nikon D7000 digital camera, two bottles of Channel perfume, and several coins.

Police also found Davis’ girlfriend, Chadwick, had allegedly pawned the same camera on the same day of the alleged theft.

Less than a month later, the Philadelphia Police had arrested Davis. Chadwick was also taken into custody.

Davis sits in Bucks County jail in lieu of $50,000 bail. He faces charges of theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, and criminal conspiracy. Chadwick faces a charge of receiving stolen property.