A pair of men will not be selling on the streets of Bucks County for a while after being handed their sentences last week.

Courtesy: Bucks County CrimeWatch

Adam Serok, 37, of Quakertown, was known for selling the “China White” mix of heroin and fentanyl blamed for multiple overdoses in Upper Bucks, was sentenced Nov. 27 to serve four to 10 years in state prison by President Judge Jeffrey L. Finley.

The next day, Judge Raymond F. McHugh sentenced Joshua Delgado, 29, of Philadelphia, to three to 10 years in state prison. Delgado sold more than 220 bags of heroin to an informant in Bensalem over the course of more than a month.

Courtesy: Bucks County CrimeWatch

Serok was arrested in January and pleaded guilty June 26 to two counts of possession with

intent to deliver controlled substances, conspiracy, criminal use of a communication facility and several misdemeanor offenses. He was arrested on Jan. 4, days after a customer of his had overdosed in a TGI Friday’s, causing Serok to flee the restaurant without paying his bill. He was arrested after selling another brand of heroin to an informant at the Dunkin Donuts shop on West Broad Street in Quakertown. He had been in custody ever since.

Delgado was arrested in April by Bensalem Township police after he made five sales to informants, in which he sold numerous bundles of heroin from Feb. 27 through April 3. The sales led to a search of Delgado’s home, where police found 15 grams of heroin – enough for another 400 to 700 individual bags of heroin.

Delgado was found guilty of multiple counts of delivering a controlled substance or possession with intent to deliver, as well as criminal use of a communication facility and several lesser charges on Sept. 12. The judge sentenced him to serve three to 10 years in state prison and recommended that the sentence be served in a therapeutic community.