Two Men Found Guilty For Violent Bristol Borough Robbery

Jonathan Black, 22 and Jordan Jones, 19. Image via Bucks County District Attorney's Office.

A pair of young men have been found guilty for attempting to rob a residence in Bristol Borough which ended with one man shot in the head.

Bristol Borough resident Jonathan Black, 22, was found guilty of four counts of attempted homicide and 24 other counts. Jordan Jones, 19, pleaded guilty to charges including robbery.

The incident in Jun. 2018 was almost doomed to go awry from the beginning. Black and Jones planned to “cheat” a third party in a gun sale. But when the duo found their victim had marijuana as well, they decided to take it as well.

The gun-buyer arrived with three other people and gave Black $450 in exchange for an empty bag. The victims began to drive away when Black voluntarily called them and said he had forgotten to give them the gun.

Jones pulled one person from the car and Black pulled out the handgun. But the car started moving away. Court documents show Black ran after the vehicle firing, yelling he wanted to kill its occupants. One .308 round hit a victim in the head, but they survived.

Black and Jones evaded authorities for several weeks, but were finally caught at an apartment in Bensalem.

Jones will spend 10 years in prison with 15 years concurrent probation as part of his plea agreement. Black remains to be sentenced.