Tullytown Residents Come Out Strong For Drug Take Back Day

Medication collected for Drug Take Back Day in Tullytown after just 3 hours. Photo by Rick Rickman, 2019.

Whether in bottles or Ziploc bags, Tullytown residents handed in hefty amounts of medication Saturday for Drug Take Back Day. It was one of 53 locations for people to dispose of unused medication as part of the county-wide initiative.

Members of the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office teamed up with local officers for the collection process. With tents set up outside the Tullytown Walmart, they obliged anyone who wanted to dispose of unneeded drugs.

Tullytown Borough Chief of Police Daniel Doyle called the day’s results “fantastic.” Other officers had another Take Back location arranged at the municipal complex. Doyle reported people of all ages participated.

Deputy District Attorney David Keightly etches a VIN into the window of a car for preventative security. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Police and the DA’s Office also took the opportunity to arrange free VIN etching at the Levittown Town Center as well.

Deputy District Attorney David Keightly helped etch the Vehicle Identification Number for any takers. The measure is a proactive approach to prevent vehicle theft.

“It’s been efficient. No problems, no mistakes, no complaints,” Keightly said.

VIN etching involves applying an acidic stencil with the vehicle’s identification number on each window. This permanently engraves the VIN, meaning a thief would have to replace all the windows to remove proof of the theft.

Assistant District Attorney Ed Furman was also on standby to assist. Furman explained being so close to Philadelphia and Trenton can leave Bucks residents open to auto theft rings.

“If a car is reported stolen, and police stop the vehicle, it’s a red flag for them right there,” Furman said. “For organized auto theft rings, their main job is to either scrap the car or ship it out, most likely overseas. One of the things they have to do is replace all the windows and this would hit their bottom line.”

As for the success of Drug Take Back Day, this past April’s National Drug Take Back Day brought in just shy of 4,000 lbs of medication. The county brought in 10,000 lbs between Oct. 2018 through the end of Apr. 2019.

Even more staggering is the amount collected since 2010. In roughly a decade, Bucks residents have handed in more than 127,000 lbs.