A Tullytown woman will spend up to 50 years in state prison for murdering her toddler with medication last August.

The death of Mazikeen Curtis rocked the neighborhood around Lovett Avenue on Aug. 25, 2018. But the shock came twice as hard less than a month later when the Bucks DA charged his mother with murder.

Authorities found Jennifer Clarey, 43, with self-inflicted cuts on her wrist, with her son next to her. An autopsy revealed Curtis, 2, had a swollen brain and no external wounds.

Forensics determined the toddler’s sippy cup had traces of the active ingredients found in Vicodin and Benadryl. When an empty prescription bottle for 120 Vicodin tablets was found in the trash, DA Matt Weintraub had no trouble putting the pieces together.

“Quite simply, this goes beyond a terrible tragedy,” Weintraub said in Sept. 2018. “This was clearly a murderous act. His mother murdered him and now she has to suffer the consequences.”

Now, Clarey has pleaded no contest. She will be facing the same consequences as she would with a guilty plea.

“You were there to protect this child, and instead you were so reckless, so thoughtless, so selfish so as to take this child’s life before he had the chance to experience all life has to offer,” said Senior Judge Clyde Waite. “This cannot be accepted in a civilized society.”

Clarey’s no contest plea included charges of third-degree murder and child endangerment. She avoided the death penalty in accepting the deal.