Tullytown Mother Charged With Murder Of 2-Year-Old Son

Jennifer Clarey, 43. Photo via Bucks County DA.

Bucks County District Attorney Mike Weintraub announced charges against a Tullytown woman at the Tullytown Municipal Building this afternoon alleging she intentionally killed her two-year-old son last month.

Mazikeen Curtis, 2. Photo via Bucks County DA.

“Quite simply, this goes beyond a terrible tragedy,” Weintraub said. “This was clearly a murderous act. His mother murdered him and now she has to suffer the consequences.”

On August 25 at approximately 10:25 p.m., Tullytown Police arrived to the 500 block of Lovett Ave., only to be welcomed by a locked door. After entering the residence, police found Jennifer Clarey, 42, with self-inflicted lacerations to her wrists and an unresponsive toddler laying face down on a bed.

The child, Mazikeen Curtis, was not bleeding and appeared to have no injuries, but was deceased before police arrived. Weintraub stated Clarey had full custody of Curtis and the only other person seen leaving the house was a man at around 8:30 a.m. that morning.

A prescription bottle for 120 tabs of Vicodin found in Clarey’s home. Photo via Bucks County DA.

An autopsy confirmed Curtis had no external wounds, but revealed a swollen brain. The swelling is believed to have been the result of ingesting a large quantity of Vicodin, an opioid intended to treat pain.

The child’s Sippy cup was sent to a lab and tested positive for Hydrocodone, the generic form of Vicodin. The DA believes Clarey put the medication into the cup and fed it to the child.

An affidavit reveals Bucks County Children and Youth Services had conducted a well-being check on Curtis just 20 minutes earlier the same evening. The inspectors found Clarey drunk and requested police response.

The District Attorney’s office is not speculating on a motive, though Weintraub did say it would be “reasonable” to conclude Clarey had attempted suicide. After receiving treatment and stitches at Lower Bucks Hospital, Clarey is still alive and must face the judicial system for the allegations against her.