One of Bucks County’s representatives in Congress may finally see progression on a promise he made during the campaign trail.

President Trump tweeted on Monday about “a terrific meeting” with freshmen members of congress, led by Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, who want to enact Congressional term limits.

Fitzpatrick has long talked about making fundamental changes to how congress operates, which he outlined during his first Congressional Speech,  back on January 26th, 2017.

“Mr. Speaker, Washington needs fewer politicians and more independent voices focused on serving the American people,” Fitzpatrick said. “The time is now to answer their call to fix this system, so we can then get to addressing the challenges we face as a nation.”

The Congressman’s plan includes constitutional amendments and other legislation, some of which his brother Mike Fitzpatrick advocated for during his own term. Two of the major parts of the platform includes a Constitutional Amendment enacting term limits for all members of Congress and a Constitutional Amendment preventing members of Congress from being paid unless a budget is passed. 

“This is not just withholding pay for a little while, this is complete forfeiture,” Fitzpatrick clarified in the speech. “The 115th Congress can be remembered as the one that buried party labels for good, and focused on fixing the system.”

Fitzpatrick told WBCB after the First Congressional Debate on Tuesday he plans to remain in Congress until the amendment on term limits is passed.

“The people that put a self imposed timeline to withdraw end up neutering themselves in the House because people don’t take them seriously,” Fitzpatrick said. “People need to know you’re in the fight for the long term. Soon as they’re passed, I’m out.”

Actually passing any amendment to the Constitution is much harder said than done. The process required to pass an amendment is rather difficult and requires a two thirds majority in both houses of Congress. It remains to be seen what will come to fruition.