Trump Store Opens In Bensalem Plaza

Trump Store
The Trump Store in Bensalem. Photo by Manny Jones.

By now, many Lower Bucks residents have heard about the Trump Store in the Bensalem Plaza. And all the attention is helping owner Michael Domanico to move merchandise, selling a month’s worth of Trump gear in a single week.

For the uninitiated, the Trump Store opened last Tuesday. More than 500 customers came out to see the spectacle. They bought roughly 1000 items, including hats, shirts, and even fake money with the president’s face on it.

But the store’s most successful day so far has come on opening weekend. Even Domanico was surprised by how many people came out.

“Saturday was the craziest. The first day was crazy, and we thought that was going to be the top day. But then Saturday came along and we had people out the door.”

The owners, which include Domanico’s wife, design a good portion of the merchandise themselves. They use input from shoppers as well. If enough people ask for a certain design, there is a good chance it might show up on the shelves.

And of course some of the goods have the 45th president’s mantra, “Make America Great Again.” The front of the store even include’s President Trump’s likeness.

But Domanico is not concerned about potential royalties or franchise fees. He says the president encourages selling promotional gear.

Domanico also expects the store to stick around at least for the foreseeable future. He has confidence in what he thinks will be the results of the upcoming presidential election.

“We plan on staying here for four years,” he said. “Because once he gets re-elected, people still love Trump and they’ll want to wear his shirts and get his hats and other memorabilia.”

The store is now also a popular campaign target for the Republican candidates in the Congressional PA-01 primary.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick had staff outside on President’s Day looking to speak with potential voters. Meanwhile, candidate Andy Meehan arrived in person earlier last week with his pick-up truck blasting music and looking for signatures.

A Chalfont resident, Domanico originally sold T-shirts at car shows. When customers asked for Trump shirts, he produced them. They sold like hot cakes.

He later opened a kiosk in Neshaminy Mall, but people complained. Some were outraged to see his tent. The mall’s solution was to sell shirts from other candidates like Warren and Sanders, but they barely sold.

Located on Street Road, the Trump Store opens at 9 a.m. everyday. The store website is available here.