Trump Makes Halloween Rally Stop In Bucks County

President Trump speaks to the crowd in his Oct. 31, 2020 visit to Upper Makefield. Photo via Twitter.

President Donald Trump visited Upper Makefield for a campaign rally Saturday, just three days before Election Day.

As the president took to the podium, the crowd began its first of many chants.

“Four more years!” they repeated. At several points during the speech, individuals yelled out to the president, “I love you!” and, “Sleepy Joe.”

The event was invitation only, limiting the venue about 1,000 people. However, this apparently did not deter the president’s supporters. Trump told the crowd during his speech he saw “thousands” of people lining the roads on his way in.

While President Trump hit on many of his typical campaign points throughout the speech, he tailored the introduction to the location.

“This is the state where the story of American independence began,” said Trump. “And three days from now, this is the state that will save the American Dream.”

A wide shot of the rally before Trump arrived. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The campaign set its stage at Headquarters Farm on Pineville Road, a historic American landmark.

In December 1776, then-General George Washington used the property as base of operations during the American Revolutionary War. From Headquarters Farm, Washington planned the famous crossing of the Delaware River and tide-turning Battle of Trenton.

Ron Briggs in George Washington attire. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Among the crowd was one man dressed as George Washington.

Ron Briggs, with People4Trump of Newtown, said he got the outfit for an event Sunday where Trump supporters will be recreating the crossing of the Delaware at noon. He wore the costume, on Halloween, to help promote the reenactment.

Meantime, Trump framed the upcoming election as a battle for America as well.

“Those soldiers came from every walk of life, but what united them all was their devotion to the principal of self-government,” said Trump. “They were determined to live in a country where power belongs to the people. That priceless inheritance is at stake just three days from now and a great red wave is forming.”

The president predicted Pennsylvania will vote for him, paving the way for another term. Most polls currently show Trump behind Joe Biden by between five and seven points.

But one advantage for Trump is voter registration. State records show the PA GOP has registered about 200,000 more new voters than Democrats since 2016. The president tallied this up to “ground game.”

President Trump speaks to supporters at Headquarters Farm. Photo by Rick Rickman.

“It took us a year and a half to build that ground game,” said Trump.

One new Trump voter at the rally said she based her support on “promises kept.”

“I didn’t support him at first when he ran in 2016,” said Annie, a woman of color, “but he switched me because of his policies and all the promises he made that he kept.”

Her friend Joanne said she enjoyed the rally and is voting for Trump.

“I value my freedom and I believe all of that will be lost with the Democrats and Joe Biden.”

Trump’s speech lasted for nearly an hour and a half. Full video of Trump speaking at Saturday’s rally in Upper Makefield is available here.

Bucks County Chair Pat Poprik introduced several speakers about an hour prior to the president’s arrival. Former County Commissioner Rob Loughery led the prayer. Among other things, he prayed for families of the president and vice president.

U.S. Army Nursing Corps veteran Lynn O’Brien led the pledge, then opera singer Milo Morris sang the National Anthem. Other speakers included Kelly Bellerby-Allen, a Republican running against State Rep. Tina Davis in the 141st District, and Charles Adcock who is looking to unseat State Rep. Perry Warren in the 31st.

This was the first of four rallies in Pennsylvania Saturday. After leaving Bucks, Trump went to Reading, Pittsburgh, and Williamsport.

An original plan had Trump visiting Pennridge Airport in Perkasie last weekend. However, the campaign quickly adjusted when it appeared the stop was logistically unviable.

More photos from the event are below. Click each to enlarge.