Trenton Water Works received another violation for unsafe drinking water this week.

The state’s Department of Environmental Protection conducted tests on the water throughout 2018. Out of all of the water samples collected by the DEP, 10 percent of them contained high levels of lead.

The high levels of lead found in Trenton’s water violates the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead and Copper Rule. According to this rule, the water company has to replace its city-owned pipes with ones that do not contain lead. Under this federal rule, Trenton Water Works must offer to replace the service line of affected residents, at the resident’s expense.

Trenton Water Works has not complied with earlier water violations and has received more than 20 violations in the last four years. The new mayor of Trenton, Reed Gusciora, has promised to fix this problem over the course of his term.

Consuming lead can have detrimental health effects, especially in young children. Lead can cause developmental issues and infertility. According to the American Cancer Society, lead can also cause cancer.

Lead is not the only contaminant that was found in Trenton’s water, the DEP also found high levels Haloacetic Acids. These types of acids are found when water is cleaned with chlorine. According to the EPA, drinking large quantities of Haloacetic Acids over long periods of time can increase the risk of cancer.