Trenton Mass Shooting Victims Survive

Residents are back to making purchases at Ramoneros Liquor & Bar 12 hours after the shooting.

All ten of the victims from Saturday morning’s mass shooting are in stable condition, according to Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora’s Office. This is Trenton’s second mass shooting in less than a year.

At around 12:25 on May 25, suspects opened fire near a bar on the 300 block of Brunswick Ave. Five women and five men were taken to the hospital, ages 23 through 36, and every person has survived.

A bullet hole showing a round ripped through the Brunswick Ave street sign.

Now, police are looking for at least two suspects. Authorities believe the shooters fired their weapons in the crowd near the Ramoneros Liquor & Bar from a dark colored vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.

“Trenton cannot become a tale of two cities: one that is moving toward progress in economic development and improvements in education, while at the same time an unsafe environment for young people due to gun violence,” Gusciora said at a press conference.

He applauded newly appointed Acting Police Director Sheilah Coley, crediting her with more car units and patrols.

A Trenton Police vehicle stationed nearby on Brunswick Ave after the shooting.

“As long as there are people with evil intentions, police are prepared to protect our citizens and pursue justice,” Gusciora said. “I have full confidence in her and her department to manage the situation and continue to protect us.”

Last June, two suspects wounded 22 innocent people at the Art All Night Gallery in the Roebling Wire Works building. Only one person died, who was killed by police after wielding a firearm.

Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo Onofri called the incident a result of “neighborhood beef,” while former Mayor Eric Jackson labeled the shooting a “public health issue.”

After this most recent display of violence, Mayor Gusciora is again calling on federal gun reform laws.

“New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but guns are easily accessible in some nearby states,” Gusciora added. “This is why we need federal solutions to the gun violence epidemic.”