A Trenton, NJ man was found shot in a parking lot at the Langhorne Holiday Inn early Sunday morning. The murder comes as New Jersey’s capital city is experiencing a drastic increase at violence.

The Falls Township Police say Davon Frink, 25, was shot multiple times in his face and neck. Officers responded to reports of shots fired at about 1 a.m. and found Frink still alive.

As they arrived on scene, police saw a large group scattering from the parking lot.

The Levittown Fairless Hills Rescue Squad transported Frink to St. Mary Medical Center. However, his injuries were too great and he passed away.

Police say the victim was part of a larger group renting rooms at the Holiday Inn. The group consisted of several other Trenton residents.

Meantime, Trenton has seen a recent spike in murders. Twelve people have been killed in shootings in 2020 so far. For comparison, 16 people were killed in 2019 and 17 were killed in 2018.

The cause of the dramatic increase is unclear. Since the beginning coronavirus pandemic and implementation statewide stay-at-home orders, killings have become more frequent.

Several shootings on Palm Sunday left seven people injured and three dead. Then, last weekend, another three people were killed.

So far there is no indication there is any connection between Frink’s slaying and other violence in Trenton.