Friday afternoon, Oliver Cabrera, 26, was convicted of 30 charges related to a string of robberies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in 2012 which totaled 18 different homes.

According to reports, Judge Diane Gibbons referred to the Trenton man as “a menace to this community.”

Antonetta Stancu, Bucks County Deputy District Attorney, clung to the fact six crimes took place in Bucks County each with Cabrera’s participation.

Oliver Cabrera, 26, of Trenton, New Jersey

Between July and September of 2012 Lower Makefield, Middletown and Upper Makefield Township’s were the targets of a five person home-invasion robbery group.

They began to steal when no one was home and took jewelry, guns, one car and more. Eventually, the group reached $19,000 after ransacking three families’ residences.

The next crime was on September 10, 2012, and this time the group wore masks and gloves which turned violent when a 79-year-old husband and 78-year-old wife were home.

Cabrera’s attorney, Sharif Abaza, said the case was based loosely on others involved and called out the prosecution for making deals with the witnesses.

On that night the Middletown woman answered her door around 9 p.m. and was forced to the floor, covered with pillows and wrapped with zip ties so tight her wrists bled and bruised.

Two of the men had guns and forced the man into a similar situation. The group ordered the 79-year-old to tell where he had hidden cash then hit him in the face.

The couple lost more than $24,000.

The Lower Makefield, Middletown, and Upper Makefield Township Police Departments were all involved in the investigation.

Cabrera’s two co-defendants already received sentences of 7.5 to 15 years in state prison. The fourth member awaits trial and Cabrera awaiting a sentencing date.