A Trenton man with repeated drug dealing and police run-ins on both sides of the Delaware River will serve time in Pennsylvania after he finishes a New Jersey sentence.

Kevin Lewis, 28, was sentenced to 9 to 18 years for two heroin sales in the summer of 2015. Bucks County Common Pleas Court Judge Rea Boylan took into account his criminal history.

In Bucks County, Lewis sold 50 bags of heroin to a confidential informant outside of the Hampton Inn on Stony Hill Road in July 2015. Then in August of that year, Lewis sold 49 more heroin bags to an undercover cop at Smokin’ Joes’ tobacco shop on East Trenton Avenue in Morrisville.

When police tried to arrest Lewis immediately after the second purchase, he jumped a curb with his vehicle almost striking the undercover officer. He fled into Trenton speeding and disappeared into traffic.He was arrested in Trenton the next day on Aug. 5.

However, Lewis already faced charges in two NJ heroin sales in May and June. He successfully fled from the first sale.┬áThe second, while Lewis and an accomplice attempted to bolt by car, they ran over and fractured an officer’s foot.

Lewis received two to five years for those crimes. He also had served for earlier convictions in New Jersey for selling heroin in or near school zones, throwing bodily fluid at police and, once again, fleeing and eluding.

The Trenton man pled guilty in early Dec. to the Bucks County crimes. Deputy District Attorney David Keightly Jr. prosecuted the case.

Judge Boylan gave two 33 to 66 month for each of the heroin deliveries, as well as three and one-half to seven years for the fleeing and eluding charge.