In what may be one of the closest victories in the entire Pennsylvania State Senate, State Sen. Tommy Tomlinson has officially overcome his Democratic challenger State Rep. Tina Davis after a full tally of every ballot.

More than 108,000 people cast their votes in the sixth Senate district, with each candidate receiving close to 50% of the vote. In the official count, Tomlinson received 54,382 votes (50.03%) while Davis came just shy of that amount with 54,308 (49.96%).

The final announcement came ten days after most other candidates running for other seats knew their election outcomes, but the 6th district stood out. Even on election night, leads were taken and loss by both candidates multiple times and only 100 votes separated the two at first.

Campaigns were also particularly controversial, as each accused the other of unethical behavior. Davis brought in campaigners from Maryland and New York to canvas throughout Bucks County, while Tomlinson was accused by his opponent of using Anthony Sposato as a vessel for running false ads.

Ultimately, in a county where almost 65% of registered voters came out on election day 454,301, the separation of only 74 ballots is astounding.

However, State Rep. Davis has retained her seat in the state House, easily beating her Republican challenger by roughly 5,000 votes out of less than 22,000 cast.

Davis also recourse for the next five days, until Wednesday, during which she can request a recount. Tomlinson has stated he wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

“I am shocked that the candidate, as she was, did as good as she did,” Tomlinson said referring to Davis. “But it’s a razor thin margin, I’m sure this will go to a recount.”

As of the current situation, 6th Senate district voters have put their confidence in Tomlinson to represent them in the state Senate. This upcoming January will mark his seventh term in the position.