TMA Bucks Launches 15th Annual Seatbelt Safety Challenge

The Board of Bucks County Commissioners recognizes TMA Bucks. Photo via TMA Bucks.

The competition between Bucks County high schools to see which has the highest seatbelt usage is again underway. TMA Bucks is hosting its 15th annual High School Seatbelt Safety Challenge.

It’s a contest to see which school’s students use seatbelts most often. TMA Bucks has already taken a baseline survey at each private and public high school in the county.

Two schools will be winners and received $500 cash grants and trophy plaques. One award will go to the school with the greatest overall seatbelt usage level while another will go to the greatest percentage increase from the fall.

TMA Bucks Executive Director Stephen Noll about the program during Wednesday County Commissioners meeting. The board officially recognized this week as National Teen Driver Safety Week in Bucks County.

“TMA Bucks is working tirelessly during this Teen Driver Safety Week and throughout the year to reach young drivers and passengers, and encourage safe behavior whenever they drive or ride in a vehicle.”

Noll stated motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children and adolescents. In Bucks County, from 2015 through 2019 an average of almost seven teen drivers were killed per year. More than 26 per year suffered serious injuries.

“TMA Bucks is thrilled to once again bring this results-driven initiative to Bucks County high schools following a two-year hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Noll. “While we never stopped providing the educational component to students the last two years, we are so happy to bring back the competition portion that makes this program so engaging and successful.”

Another $500 cash prize is available directly for students who win the Teen Driver Safety Video PSA Challenge. They’ll also get their video played on Comcast networking.

The challenge calls on students to produce a 30 second Public Service Announcement video about teen driver safety. While it’s related to the seatbelt challenge, the videos can cover a variety of safe driving factors including speeding, texting while driving, and others.

Videos must be uploaded to YouTube and emailed to The deadline is April 1, 2022.