Teens Vandalize Levittown Little League Complex, Coach Says

(Left) A young girl looks on in horror at the broken glass. (Right) More damages from the vandalism. Images via Levittown United Little League.

The Levittown United Little League is $10,000 in the hole after two youth ransacked the International Complex. And more than a dozen people came out Friday evening to help cleanup the facility.

“They destroyed everything,” Softball Coach Rick Palmer said of the culprits.

Levittown United Little League trophy case.
Broken trophies in a once prestigious trophy case. Image via Levittown United Little League.

Shattered glass, pieces of dry wall, and almost everything else laid strewn across the floor. Even trophies, marking the accomplishments of generations past, were broken into pieces.

“It’s just two local kids. They caught them,” Palmer explained. He relayed the two suspects are 13 and 11 years old. “Sounds like they have a history of doing this kind of stuff. They went in and put a little hole where the food comes out when we’re open and climbed through, then took baseball bats and beat up everything.”

The scoreboard controllers, worth about $1,000, vending machine, cabinets, and other miscellaneous items were all smashed.

A post on Facebook Friday evening asked the community for help. Even a local company, Royal Touch Cleaning, offered free services to clean up the floor Saturday morning.

Random objects lie on the floor. Image via Levittown United Little League.

“We had a bunch of people come in and clean it up. Everybody reached out and helped,” Palmer said. “There were probably twelve to twenty people here, and they knocked it out in about four hours.”

Palmer did have a message for no one in particular.

“The way kids are these days, if people could just be diligent in watching what’s going on,” Palmer asked of the community. “There are a lot of little leagues around here. I’m sure this is not the only one it’s going to happen to, because this is just what kids do now.”

With no insurance on anything, the League is looking to the public for help. A Go Fund Me page up for donations, which can be made here.