On the heels of his primary victory, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s campaign team wasted no time in calling out their Democrat opponent – Scott Wallace – for his “out-of-touch” liberalism and support of anti-Israel organizations.

At issue was Wallace’s attempt to deny responsibility and accountability for the financial support his own foundation directed to groups that vocally support Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) actions against Israel.  According to The Forward, the Wallace Foundation contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to a network of pro-BDS organizations.

A statement from the Fitzpatrick camp released Thursday said during Wallace’s primary campaign he took every opportunity to take credit for all the work done by his Wallace Global Fund, but the day after the election, he tried to distance himself from hundreds of thousands of dollars his fund contributed to anti-Israel organizations.

“The facts are clear, his foundation pumped up to $300,000 of his own money into groups that are demonizing Israel – one of our strongest allies,” said Haley Bova, spokesperson for Team Fitzpatrick.

“Say what he will now, but Wallace and his organization are responsible for funding a tour of hate by an Iranian State TV broadcaster & notorious anti-Semite as well as various other groups championing the BDS cause. Scott Wallace should know – in Bucks & Montgomery Counties – accountability matters, so when he goes out of his way taking credit for all his foundation’s work, he also has to take responsibility for it as well.”