‘Tase me!’: Falls Twp Man Tried To Grab Cop’s Gun, Police Say

A Falls Township Police vehicle. Photo by Rick Rickman.

A Falls Township Officer took a kick to the eye restraining a man who allegedly tried to grab his gun.

Police responded to the Commons at Fallsington last Friday for a “domestic dispute.” Dispatch informed them a man was destroying his mother’s apartment.

As officers pulled up to the H Building, a man started charging at their vehicle.

Court documents say Frederick Kornstedt, 30, had his fists clenched as he sprinted at the officers. One officer got out of the vehicle and ordered Kornstedt to stop moving.

Kornstedt instead slowed down to a walking pace and made his way to the officer, police say. He then walked into the officer and began to cry.

As quickly as he had slowed down, Kornstedt changed up his behavior again. He assumed a fighting stance right in front of the officer and began to shout at him.

“Tase me, mother******,” Kornstedt shouted. He repeated himself, then told the officer, “I’ll grab your gun.”

As promised, Kornstedt allegedly reached at the officer’s firearm on his waist. But instead of fighting for the weapon, the man began to cry again. Police say he then turned around and put his hands behind his back.

The officer handcuffed Kornstedt and put him into the back of his police car.

Another Falls Township officer arrived and tried to speak with the man. But instead of talking, Kornstedt allegedly tried to make his escape.

Once the two officers forced him back into the vehicle, an affidavit states Kornstedt kicked the first officer in the right eye. It left a small cut and caused swelling.

Kornstedt faces multiple charges including aggravated assault and disarming a law enforcement officer.