The race between Helen Tai, the Democratic candidate for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 178th District, and Republican Wendi Thomas was won in the narrowest of margins.

Tai ultimately defeated Thomas on Tuesday night by less than 100 votes.

Upon accepting the results, Thomas was gracious, and already looking towards the future.

Helen Tai, PA 178th State Representative

“It was a close race and we did everything we could,” Thomas said. “Let’s gather ourselves together and work towards November.”

Tai’s victory flips the seat from red to blue, subsequently ending the Republicans party 35-year run.

With the victory, Tai will finish out former state Rep. Scott Petri’s remaining term, and represent Pennsylvania’s 178th District in Harrisburg.

“The reason I ran for this seat is because I think every person deserves an equal opportunity to succeed, and that is not happening,” Tai said during her victory speech.

“It’s so humbling realizing all these people are placing their hopes in me.”

In November, Tai and Thomas will likely race again for the 178th State Rep. spot.

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