Suspect Identified In BCCC Vending Machine Thefts

Two suspects allegedly making their way through BCCC campus to steal from vending machines. Police say they have identified the man in the black t-shirt. Photos via Crimewatch.

The Newtown Township Police have identified one person allegedly involved in a series of thefts, including from vending machines at Bucks County Community College. Now, police are asking the public to help them with the second suspect.

The suspect still at large, according to officials. Image via Crimewatch.

Authorities first raised the alarm on the snack bandits in late June, but not for stealing candy bars. Six vending machines on BCCC campus were damaged in one morning and the cash inside was stolen, according to police.

While identifying the first suspect is no longer an issue, Newtown Police need to locate the second actor. Fortunately, clear images from surveillance cameras have made the task a little easier.

The same footage allegedly shows the two breaking into the vending machines and swiping the money store inside. Officials believe the duo are responsible for similar cases in Montgomery County.

Photos released by police show the second suspect wearing an Orlando Magic hat, white t-shirt, and cargo shorts. He appears to have tattoos on his right arm.

Anyone with information should reach out to the Newtown Township Police at (215) 579-1000, or submit an anonymous tip on Crimewatch.