Sunshine Foundation Classic Practices Begin

Coaches give a talk to East players Monday night before practice. Photo by Kayla Santiago.

Practices for the 23rd annual Sunshine Foundation Classic began Monday evening for both East and West teams as they prepare for next Tuesday’s All-Star game. This year’s game is sponsored by Fisher Capital LLC.

Players warm up to begin practice. Photo by Kayla Santiago.

Almost four dozen recent graduates from Mercer County high schools will come together on the field to help raise money for the Sunshine Foundation. To date, the Classic has contributed $116,000 to the foundation.

Known for helping children with disabilities in families where medical bills can sometimes dominate the household, the Sunshine Foundation takes these kids to Disney World every year on a Dream Lift trip.

Jack Dunn has helped organize the Classic for 12 years.

“Obviously as much as we can,” said Dunn when asked how much they plan to raise. “I know that last year, which was not a good year, we gave $4,800 to the Sunshine Foundation and $3,500 in scholarship money to the Delaware Valley Chapter.”

To have a standout year, Dunn is asking every player and their families to promote the game on social media. As they are helping a good cause, the players are happy to oblige.

East players practice lineman drills with their new teammates.

“I’m honored for coaches and everyone else who picked me to represent us for the first time,” Zach Bohn of Delran High School said. “We’re just here to have a good time. I know it’s a good cause and helps out. I’ll do my part.”

The coaches are also happy to do their job on the field for the Classic. Coach Joe Frappolli Jr. from Florence High School said the game is exciting in itself.

“Anytime you’re asked or picked to play in an all-star game, that’s exciting for the kids because not everyone has that opportunity,” Frappolli said. “We have a bunch of coaches from the area, so between the six or seven coaches on the staff we’ll put together some offense and defense and play some football.”

The match will be video streamed Tuesday on from Notre Dame High School at 7 p.m.